Phillip McShane

What I Do

As the Associate Director for the Big Bang I work across the pillars of the programme - Big Bang UK Fair, Big Bang Competition and Big Bang at School - to ensure colleagues in the team are supported to deliver for the young people we want to inspire and excite about all things STEM. I also lead the strategic direction for the programme, learning from evaluation, researching the broader STEM sector, listening to teachers and young people so we can better position the Big Bang programme to meet the needs of our audiences. Alongside the work across Big Bang I am also an active member of the EngineeringUK senior leadership team, working across all areas of the organisation to help support and consider the direction of travel for the many moving parts involved in increasing the number of young people who see engineering as a career for them.

It is a really varied role and I never tire of seeing that moment of inspiration when a young person makes the connection between classroom learning and hands-on STEM.


Impactful STEM outreach, equality, diversity and inclusion, collaboration, inspiring the next generation, Big Bang.

Bio & Background

I joined EngineeringUK in 2017 from TeachFirst where I worked to support the incoming cohort of trainee teachers as they prepared to work in some of the most challenging schools in the UK, ensuring they felt equipped to support the young people they would be teaching. Prior to my time at TeachFirst I worked to deliver a varied portfolio of events within healthcare membership organisations, including the Royal Society of Medicine and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. I have a passion for ensuring that young people have access to a fair education, irrespective of background, and feel able to aspire to be whoever they want to be.


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