Our research tells us that the more interactions young people have with engineering and the professionals in the industry the more they understand what engineers do and the more likely they are to consider a career in engineering.

We want to showcase engineering careers to young people, giving them the opportunity to get hands-on with STEM, to meet and learn about people working in STEM careers and to understand the diverse range of career opportunities available in engineering.

Teachers and careers professionals are vital in reaching young people. With the support of the engineering community, we run 2 programmes for schools:

  • Big Bang (The Big Bang Fair, The Big Bang Competition and Big Bang at School) which showcases surprising possibilities and connects young people to inspiring role models in STEM
  • Energy Quest which helps students uncover engineering skills they didn’t know they had
  • The Climate Schools Programme which inspires students to explore solutions to tackling climate change and discover skills they didn’t know they had, in a brand-new pilot programme for schools

Through these programmes we offer volunteering opportunities for STEM professionals, who in turn are able to share their experience and expertise with young people.

With campaigns, particularly Tomorrow’s Engineers Week each November, we aim to shine a spotlight on engineering careers

Through Neon we help primary and secondary teachers introduce their students to future STEM careers, raise their aspirations and explore the excitement of engineering, through brilliant activities, inspiring case studies and supportive careers resources.

Broadening the talent pool and inspiring more young people from groups underrepresented in engineering needs targeted support. We offer bursaries to schools who meet our equality, diversity and inclusion criteria to help drive participation and give more young people the opportunity to see what an engineering career could look like.

We want what we do to support what is happening in the classroom and to resonate with young people. Through our Teacher Network and Young Champions initiative we talk directly to these audiences, sharing and testing ideas and resources. We use that insight to inform and improve our work.