Professional Engineering Institutions

EngineeringUK is partly funded by the registration fees from professionally registered engineers and technicians paid to Professional Engineering Institutions (PEIs). These fees also fund the Engineering Council. As such, EngineeringUK is accountable to the PEIs, their members, and the breadth of the engineering sector to deliver impactful research, advocacy, meaningful educational programmes and to help them in their activities to secure the next generation of engineers and technicians.

We collaborate with PEIs across all our activities, such as Tomorrow’s Engineers Week and the development of our careers resources. PEIs also contribute to, and are encouraged to use, our research and our guidance on engineering and technology engagement activities.

PEIs play an important role in EngineeringUK's governance. Five of our Trustees are CEOs of PEIs, alongside the Chair of the Engineering Council and CEO of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and all PEIs are invited to our Annual General Meeting.

We appreciate their alignment with, and support for, our mission to enable more young people from all backgrounds to be inspired, informed and progress into engineering and technology.