Our equity, diversity and inclusion bursaries

Every year we are proud to offer a range of bursaries to schools who work with young people from groups who are under-represented in the engineering profession. This is to support these schools to involve more young people in STEM and engineering engagement programmes and/or enhance the experience for these young people

This academic year our bursaries are available for the Big Bang at School and to engage with experiences on the Neon website. They range in value from £500 to £750 depending on the activity.

The bursary schemes are open to eligible primary and secondary schools. Teachers can check their school's eligibility and apply on the STEM funding for schools website.

Bursary applications are open this year until 31 July.

Read our new EDI bursary scheme evaluation report here.




The bursaries are available to schools who meet our EDI Criteria, which take into account free school meal eligibility, the proportion of ethnic minority students, those with special educational needs and rural locations.

What the bursaries can be spent on

The bursaries can be used very flexibly, for example, to:

  • pay for teacher or technician cover
  • purchase or lease equipment which is needed to deliver the programme or experience
  • buy material or resources needed to support the delivery of the programme or experience
  • travel to programme or experience
  • enhance the programme experience by purchasing additional digital content or in-person delivery
  • pay for an experience listed on Neon


“It had the biggest impact on the most challenging kids in our school. It was these students who loved it and really got into it. It was a real hook for them… I think it improved their experience elsewhere in school”
Teacher and previous bursary recipient

Our equity, diversity and inclusion bursaries are funded by donations from a range of sources, all of which go to schools. Current funders include individual donors and core funding from EngineeringUK.