New data suggests increase in number of women working in engineering

Jun 22, 2021

New analysis from EngineeringUK has shown 14.5% of those working in engineering are female, which is an increase from 12% as reported in 2018.  

The latest data is taken from the Labour Force Survey Q3 2020 shows that the proportion of women working in engineering has increased over time both proportionally and in absolute numbers, outpacing the rate seen in the wider workforce.  

Further detailed analysis from EngineeringUK will be included in research due for publication in autumn 2021. However, early analysis reveals that the number of women working in engineering occupations has risen from 721,586 in Q2 of 2016 to 906,785 in Q2 of 2020. This represents a 25.7% increase in women in engineering occupations and compares to a 4.6% rise in the number of women in the overall workforce within that same period.Altogether, 14.5% of those working in engineering occupations in Q3 of 2020 were women. 

Dr Hilary Leevers, Chief Executive of EngineeringUK, said:
It’s encouraging to see nearly 200,000 more women working in engineering over the last 4 years – something for us to celebrate on International Women in Engineering Day. Nevertheless, the fact that women represent only 14.5% of those working in engineering is a serious concern.

Women make up half the population but we draw on such a small proportion of their talent - we, and the engineering sector as a whole, need to work harder to drive change.  

Engineering is a varied and stimulating career of enormous societal value. We need to ensure that it’s a career choice that’s accessible and attractive to the next generation of young people, for their own life chances and to create the diverse and insightful workforce needed for the UK to thrive.”  


Read more about data and how it was collected here  

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