New engineer case studies on Neon!

May 26, 2022

Neon, a platform which brings the UK’s quality engineering outreach opportunities and inspiring careers resources in one place, has launched 4 brand new case studies. These case studies show engineers doing some amazing jobs in the world of STEM, and how they are making the world a better and brighter place for everyone.

The new case studies, designed to inspire tomorrow’s engineers, have broad appeal for young people, whether they’re interested in medicine, art, robotics or biochemistry, and teachers can inspire their students with these real-life engineering stories.

Meet the real engineers

Dilani Selvanathan is a research and systems engineer at Herotech8, and her work in robotics involves coding drones to save lives. Dilani said:

“I love that every day is different. So I'm waking up to new challenges and new projects and new work to do every day. Not every day is the same - it's always different, which makes me look forward to going into work and doing my job because I enjoy learning new things and challenging myself and just being curious.”

Dr Michael Sulu is a biochemical engineer and lecturer at UCL, and he uses his skills and knowledge to work on solving big problems around food, healthcare and energy. Michael commented:

“The advice I would give a young person about studying engineering is go for it. I think it’s a really worthwhile and interesting field, there’s so many different things you can do, there’s so many varieties of engineering, but there is a little bit of engineering that suits everyone.”

Nick Parker is a submarine design engineer at Babcock, and he also has a side project called The3Engineers which involves using his engineering skills to create eco-themed children’s books. Nick said:

“I really love my job, I get to problem-solve everyday - there are some complex difficult challenges that we need to face. I get to work and interface with many different teams and disciplines to be able to solve problems, which is just fantastic.”

Leo Whiteman is a clinical scientist at the NHS, and his designs help to make a difference for people living with some of the most complex disabilities. Leo added:

“I am in a very fortunate position in that I design bespoke systems for individuals. I only see people with the most complex disabilities, so there is a real sense of purpose and meaning to every system I provide. It is a very challenging job, but the outcomes are always so rewarding to see.”

These new case studies featured on Neon showcase real-world examples of engineering, and how a career in the field can be for anyone, anywhere.

Charlie Cantwell, Marketing Communications Officer at EngineeringUK and the project lead on the new case studies, commented: “The new case studies on Neon demonstrate the breadth of engineering and the wide variety of careers which are out there for young people. It's brilliant to see real-world examples of engineering and what a career as an engineer looks like. It was great to connect with these engineers and showcase their work which is making the world a little brighter for everyone, and helping inspire tomorrow’s engineers!”

Find out more about the engineers on the Neon website.

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