Our volunteers support EngineeringUK’s work in many ways, from judging student projects and offering careers support, to delivering hands-on activities that capture the imagination of our future minds and help develop their interest in STEM subjects.

Benefits of volunteering:

  • It helps develop skills – from soft skills such as leadership, communication and presentation skills, to professional skills such as advising businesses and providing pro bono support
  • It is a viable alternative to other forms of employee development – a development opportunity in the community can be more beneficial than classroom learning and is usually cheaper
  • It builds employee engagement – volunteering fosters a sense of pride and satisfaction, and employees are appreciative of being given time off work to support their community
  • It supports access to skills otherwise inaccessible to community organisations – many charities and community groups could never afford to pay for the skilled support they receive from the business community.

To find out more about how you can develop a skills-based volunteering approach, read the CIPD guide here

We work closely with our volunteers:

  • Recruitment – ensuring that our opportunities are diverse and match the suitable candidates.
  • Training – giving our volunteers the skills and the knowledge so that they feel confident and supported to perform their role.
  • Engagement – communicating with our volunteers prior to our events and sharing relevant and timely information.
  • Onsite support – supervising our volunteers and ensuring that they get the most out of their roles.
  • Recognition – celebrating our volunteers’ achievements during the annual Volunteers’ Week

Volunteering opportunities

  • We do not currently have any volunteering opportunities. 


“Teamwork, increased employee engagement and a sense of fulfilment for individuals are all examples of positive benefits of volunteering, which staff then bring those back to their day jobs. ”

Alex Richards, Network Rail

"Understanding young people and supporting them is key to our future success and The Big Bang Fair offered a great opportunity to help me gain some of that experience."

Puja Hazlehurst, Mechanical Engineer and volunteer at The Big Bang Fair 2018