Farmyard machinery inspiring a love of engineering

Jan 23, 2023

by Izzy Graney, aged 15

I grew up living in mostly small rural villages or on farms, and this has shaped my love of animals but especially dogs and horses! I currently have quite a collection of beasties ranging from chickens and guinea pigs to cats, dogs, and ponies. I am a young carer for my mother too, but she encourages me to jump on any opportunities which I may enjoy.

Starting with farm tractors and quad bikes, I’ve also developed a passion for engineering which has now expanded into a love for aviation and flying. Being a member of the RAF Air Cadets has enabled me to explore these interests. I am also currently studying for a BTEC in Engineering and another BTEC in Aviation Studies, as well as my GCSEs.

When my mother saw the opportunity on Twitter to get involved with Youth Participation and EngineeringUK I didn’t hesitate to apply. It was an opportunity to embrace my love of engineering and help others to share in my love in all things engineering. I hadn’t heard about the EngineeringUK before, but after doing a little research it seemed to be an exciting chance to help shape the future of engineering training and exposure for future generations.

Each month the group meets virtually with members of varying ages and experience, and from across the country. It is great to speak to others with a shared interest and expand my own experience, not only in engineering but also teamwork, project management and working alongside leaders in the sector.

At times you can feel quite nervous speaking to the “Big Bosses” (leaders at EngineeringUK) but I suspect they are just as nervous speaking to all of us too. Sometimes working remotely as a team can be tricky too with Wi-Fi and other tech challenges, but everyone is helpful and supportive.

As part of this scheme, I have been able to further develop my skills in teamwork and communication and demonstrate my knowledge and commitment to a national programme. As I start year 11 at school, and plan my progress to college, and hoping eventually to join the RAF, this experience on my CV will help to demonstrate that I am more than my exam results.

I think and hope that those at Participation People and EngineeringUK will have been pleasantly surprised by our knowledge, ideas and suggestions.

I think it is a great opportunity for everyone involved and would most definitely recommend it for anyone considering it in the future too!


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