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Rolls-Royce SMR

We are Rolls-Royce SMR, clean energy pioneers with a radically different approach to delivering new nuclear power.

We will use established nuclear technology and know-how to offer a low cost, deliverable, global and scalable and investable solution, that can be rolled out around the world.

Our origins are deeply embedded in Rolls-Royce and their world class nuclear and manufacturing heritage.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide clean and affordable energy for all.

For nuclear power to be widely adopted and meaningfully contribute to the global effort to decarbonise, it needs to be commercially investable and reliably delivered.

We believe that our innovative modularised concept will achieve this by using reliable and proven technologies and techniques. 

Our Culture

Our ability to deliver this future shaping solution will be based on our highly skilled workforce and the future talent that joins our business.

We understand that people are at the forefront of everything we do. This is why Rolls-Royce SMR empowers and invests in our staff to maximise their potential and achieve complete fulfilment of their career.