New updates to the Climate Schools Programme

May 9, 2024

Following feedback from teachers who piloted the resources in the spring term, we have successfully updated resources featured as part of the Climate Schools Programme.

The Climate Schools Programme has been developed and evolved together with industry. Through curriculum-linked science, geography and English lessons and resources, it helps students explore solutions to tackling climate change and discover how engineers, engineering and technology are a key part of this.

Based on the feedback, we have made a number of updates, including:

  • added guidance on how and when to bring in local examples to support learning and help build student confidence
  • created optional homework activities for all the lessons
  • split each geography lesson into 2, to give teachers more time to explore concepts and careers
  • included light touch notes to the slide decks to make them easier to use

Excitingly, we have also produced the first of many assembly and form time/tutorial activities. The first set features UNDO, which specialises in trapping carbon in soil using enhanced rock weathering.

Teachers' response to the programme have been overwhelmingly positive.

“The lessons that are basically good to go, and for us that is a huge relief and it’s really exciting for us because it’s nice to have something that is ready made, but also that you can trust.”

Geography teacher

“The articles were all accessible, and I was quite impressed the students wanted to read them. They were interested in it and they understand it’s their future so it’s really important”

English teacher

“They [the students] did really love it, and they really loved the idea of having different roles”

Science teacher

We are now recruiting schools to take part in year 2 of the programme, please share with your networks and encourage them to register via this link:


Volunteer with the Climate Schools Programme

The programme resources bring real-world examples into the classroom of work that engineers and technologists are already doing to tackle climate change, helping to reduce young people’s anxiety around this issue. If you’re an engineer or technologist working in any area of decarbonisation, the energy sector, carbon capture, sustainable development or sustainable manufacturing you can help us inspire the next generation. There are a number of ways you can help:

  • provide a photo and information about yourself for a case study
  • record a video
  • volunteer to go into a school and talk to young people directly

We would particularly like to hear from those early in their career or even still studying. From our research we have found that school students find it easiest to identify with early career professionals, apprentices and university students who are just starting their career so while you may not think you qualify as a “role model” for young people, you really do!

Find out more and share your details

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