T Level industry placements here to stay

Mar 22, 2024

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Following the recent government announcement about the introduction of the Advanced British Standard (ABS), there have understandably been some questions raised about what this means for the existing T Level qualification.

As part of our efforts to support this important technical pathway into engineering and technology careers, EngineeringUK urged the government to be clear on how T Levels will be integrated into the new Standard. We also highlighted the need to ensure this is communicated to young people and employers along the way.

In response to this, MP Robert Halfon, the Minister for Skills, Apprenticeships and Higher Education, has provided a letter of reassurance to the engineering sector confirming that T Level industry placements are very much here to stay.

In the letter, Robert Halfon comments “The technical subjects within the [ABS] qualification will be based on the content of T Levels and occupational standards that employers and the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) have carefully designed, supporting progression into higher technical education, apprenticeships and employment. Those of you familiar with T Levels’ structure will recognise much in the published proposals, including a ‘core’ module, an occupational specialism and industry placement. T Levels will be the backbone of ABS.”

He continues “We will not hold back T Levels’ growth and development, or our wider reforms to technical qualifications. More T Level courses will be rolled out, and students will be encouraged to consider these options. Since launching in 2020, tens of thousands of students have already successfully enrolled in these high-quality qualifications.”

In addition to offering great benefits for young people, T Levels also provide an excellent means for business to bring in fresh, young talent and to help secure a diverse future engineering and technology workforce.

Robert Halfon references the “continued support for T Levels from across the engineering and manufacturing sector” and encourages employers to get involved. “Your business could help be the catalyst for change in the sector – ensuring that there is a strong future pipeline of engineering talent available with the skills needed to support business growth.”

If you’re interested in joining the growing number of employers in the sector offering T Level industry placements, you can access the Government’s T Level and Industry Placements support package. It includes information on how to find a local T Level provider, employer case studies, webinars and one to one support.

You can also read our T Levels blog post which gives an overview of their benefits, what they involve and how to get started.

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