Find out how EngineeringUK partners with companies to inspire more young and diverse people into a career in STEM

Aug 6, 2021

The engineering industry is traditionally male dominated with only 14% of engineers in the UK are women. However, it is just not gender diversity that needs to be addressed, we need to be better at attracting more form Black, Asian and minorities as well as people from different socio-economic backgrounds.  A lack of diversity is hampering our ability to stay competitive, and to recover after the pandemic.

A close look at 3 EngineeringUK Corporate Members - Jacobs, Siemens and Rolls Royce - help us understand how these companies are building enthusiasm to encourage and help young people pursue careers in engineering and how they have overcome the challenges Covid has presented.

How Jacobs adapted its outreach during COVID to an award-winning digital programme  

Jacobs promotes its STEAM careers and education outreach using their employee ambassador programme to build a pipeline of diverse future employees. When the pandemic began, Jacobs transitioned to digital delivery, this presented an opportunity to increase the impact of the programme and reach young people who had been a challenge to engage with previously. Jacobs was awarded ‘Inspirational STEM employer’ by STEM Learning in May 2021 in recognition.

Find out more by reading the full case study here

Working with Siemens to increase diversity in engineering. 

Siemens has been working with EngineeringUK to focus on attracting a diverse talent pipeline, by partnering with like-minded organisations Siemens has a greater impact and has influenced key policy and investment decisions. This collaboration and focus have enabled Siemens to drive the skills agenda and have a direct impact on inspiring the next generation.

As well as focusing on skills, Siemens has partnered with EngineeringUK in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. As a Corporate Member  Siemens has been able to discuss key challenges about how to convey what engineering is all about, the variety of engineering careers that exist and how to showcase diverse and positive role models in engineering to young people.

 Find out more by reading the full case study here

 Partnering with Rolls-Royce to attract more and diverse young people to engineering.

Rolls-Royce works in partnership with EngineeringUK to widen and increase their talent pipeline by providing young people with authentic role models, finding new and innovative ways to reach out and demonstrating to young people the different pathways and careers available to them. Rolls-Royce works with EngineeringUK to provide a range of fun, inspiring and inclusive engineering activities for young people to enjoy.

 Being a Corporate Member means Rolls-Royce has exclusive access to the Business and Industry Panel meetings, providing a great opportunity to talk to organisations from across the country, representing a diverse range of sectors who are looking at similar programmes to increase equality, diversity and inclusion . These meetings discuss key issues and good practice, STEM engagement data is also shared and discussed   

 Find out more by reading the full case study here

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